45 Trunk Coffee Table Ideas For Your Home
If you’re thinking of redecorating your home, purchasing a trunk coffee table could be a very stylish approach to the feng shui of your house. Adding wood accents into almost any area of a home is an excellent way to include comfort and warmth to a room. Utilizing tree trunks and turning them into coffee tables or another piece of furniture has become immensely popular because they are resourceful pieces that can be shaped in different ways. Trunk coffee tables are an elegant touch to your decor, and they look great inside as and can be used as a nice sit-down place to have a tea or cup of coffee.

The Best Trunk Coffee Table Ideas
There is a large range of trunk coffee table ideas that we’re going to look at in this article. Which we hope will encourage you to revamp your home. All of them aim to serve as an exquisite furniture piece in your home. Depending on the layout of your house, these tables can make any room look inviting.

5 Tree Trunk Coffee Tables
French Mid Century Hairpin Tables
tree trunk coffee table

This tree trunk style coffee table has rustic and elegant features. This style will make your coffee drinking experience more comfortable and enjoyable. You can also add chairs with a similar design.

Unique Cypress Trunk Table
3 tree trunk coffee table

If you’re a fan of thick, dark and sturdy tables, this trunk coffee table is the one for you. Made from the trunk of a Cypress tree, the base of the table is made from parts of the root.

Stump Side Table
4 tree trunk coffee table

This piece of furniture is a nice and moderately large and is a great focal point for a living room, especially when entertaining guests. You could also modify its appearance by adding a thick sheet of glass and turn it into a glass table.

Center Side Piece
5 tree trunk coffee table

This beautiful tree trunk coffee table is the perfect size to use as a nice side table. Its wheels make it easy to transfer the table from one room to another.

Drop Side Table
5 tree trunk coffee table

This trunk table is an unusual, modern organic style. It derives from the 17th century from Indonesia and consists of a 3′ thick slab of petrified wood.

5 Steamer Trunk Coffee Tables
Rustic Coffee Table
1steamer trunk coffee table

If your goal is to find a sophisticated piece of furniture for your bedroom or living room, this steam trunk coffee table might be perfect for you and your home.

Waverly Steamer Trunk Coffee Table
2 steamer trunk coffee table

This steamer trunk coffee table will allow you to entertain your guests in style. It has a unique detail riveting and is very eye pleasing as well as two large drawers for storage.

Decorative Vintage Trunk Table
3 steamer trunk coffee table

This beautiful antique steamer trunk has been turned into a trunk coffee table. The wood has been re-varnished and has been painted an elegant white color. Perfect to brighten up a room with its antique style.

Italian Made Coffee Table
4 steamer trunk coffee table

If you’re after a vintage steamer trunk coffee table designed with a chest storage space, then look no further. This coffee table just might be the perfect addition to your house and it comes in different wallpaper patterns to jazz up your decor.

Lacquered Teak Wood Trunk Coffee Table
5 steamer trunk coffee table

This unique and stylish coffee table cleverly lifts up into another table. This steamer trunk coffee table is made from beautiful birch veneer and poplar hardwood.

5 Storage Trunk Coffee Tables
Suitcase Coffee Table
1 storage trunk coffee table

Your houseguests will love this retro storage trunk coffee table. Who knew that a vintage suitcase could be turned into something so beautiful?

Modern Wood Coffee Table
2 storage trunk coffee table

This traditionally styled coffee table has an elegant oak finish, which makes it very eye appealing. It has a sturdy construction with a slide-out top design and extra storage.

Emmerson Coffee Table
3 storage trunk coffee table

This storage trunk coffee table is a unique addition to any room, which combines a hidden storage for small accessories with an open shelf in its design.

Stylish Lift Top Table
4 storage trunk coffee table

Perfect for serving cocktails or coffee, this elegant coffee table creates a contemporary style that is ideal for any living room. It also has a lift-top feature and extra drawer storage.

Rectangular Storage Trunk Table
5 storage trunk coffee table

This rectangular trunk coffee table is a practical purchase; it has a right amount of storage space, and it’s large enough to use as a footrest too!

5 Rustic Trunk Coffee Tables
Outdoor Dining Table
1 rustic trunk coffee table

This rustic trunk coffee table was made from beautiful tree trunk slices. Perfect for decorating the inside of your home as well as on an outdoor patio.

Solid Wood Coffee Table
2 rustic trunk coffee table

Look no further, if you’re searching for a sturdy trunk coffee table with a rustic style. This coffee table would be the perfect addition to a country home or cabin.

Rustic Painted Trunk Table
3 rustic trunk coffee table

This simple yet satisfying coffee table will add a sense of country lifestyle to your home decor.

Modern Garden Design
4 rustic trunk coffee table

Perfect for accessorizing your outdoor furniture especially if you have a pergola or a patio.

Tree Log Coffee Table
5 rustic trunk coffee table

Bring nature inside of your home and brighten up any room with this stunning rustic trunk coffee table.

5 wooden trunk coffee table
Square Coffee Table
1wooden trunk coffee tab

This gray stained wooden trunk coffee table is perfect for almost any room in your house. It has plenty of storage place underneath the table top.

Tree Stump End Table
2 wooden trunk coffee tab

A sturdy but slender slab of stained beautiful wood makes this side coffee table a centerpiece in almost any room.

Glass Triangle Coffee Table
3 wooden trunk coffee tab

If you like glass coffee tables, this one just might be the right pick for you. It’s sleek, and elegant wooden legs are stylishly designed evidently to impress dinner guests.

Round Tree Trunk Table
4 wooden trunk coffee tab

If your taste is simple, yet classic, this wooden trunk coffee table will catch your eye. Thick, sturdy and beautifully polished!

Teal Root Coffee Table
5 wooden trunk coffee tab

This coffee table was made in Indonesia from a piece of richly grained teak root with deep-rooted holes, in different shapes and sizes.

5 Vintage Trunk Coffee Tables
Scandinavian Designed Vintage Table
1vintage trunk coffee table

This table is an excellent example of how to accessorize and redecorate by using vintage trunks and turning them into a trunk coffee table.

Shabby Coffee Trunk Chest
2 vintage trunk coffee table

Two words: An old wooden boxed refurbished into a shabby and sleek vintage coffee table.

Reclaimed Wooden Trunk Table
3 vintage trunk coffee table

This vintage trunk coffee table is proof that you can take the simplest trunk and turn it into a stunning piece of furniture.

Vintage Modern Trunk Table
4 vintage trunk coffee table

What do you do with that old luggage stored away in your closet? You refurbish it by attaching wooden legs on it and turning it into a vintage coffee table.

Stylish Louis Vuitton Trunk Table
5 vintage trunk coffee table

This Louis Vuitton vintage trunk will add a touch of style to any room in your home, with plenty of storage space to avoid clutter.

5 Wicker Trunk Coffee Tables
Hawaiian Large Wicker Table
1 wicker trunk coffee table

This beautiful wicker trunk coffee table comes from Hawaii and is a decorators dream come true. After all who doesn’t like adding wicker to their home decor?

Classic Wicker Basket Table
2 wicker trunk coffee table

This table is a classic wicker style that would be a perfect fit for almost anyone’s house style. Ideal for a nursery or lounge area with plenty of storage room for medium sized accessories.

Rattan Trunk Coffee Table
3 wicker trunk coffee table

A formal wicker trunk that’s been transformed into a beautiful coffee table. All you need to do is place a beautiful tray on top of it, and you’ve created the perfect wicker trunk coffee table.

Modern Wicker Table with Side Drawer
4 wicker trunk coffee table

A beautiful tanned colored wicker table with a small side drawer for storing small items. Plus it has wheels on it which make it easy to move around.

Stylish Wicker Basket Table
5 wicker trunk coffee table

This wicker trunk is a simple design that can be used in almost any room.

5 Antique Trunk Coffee Tables
Chest Coffee Table
1 antique trunk coffee table

A modern style antique trunk coffee table that is so elegant to look at, all of your house guests will be talking about it.

Antique Treasure Trunk Styled Table
2 antique trunk coffee table

A wonderful coffee trunk table that everyone will love. This table was once a treasure trunk that has now been turned into a stunning antique coffee table.

Marble Top Antique Coffee Table
3 antique trunk coffee table

This one of a kind coffee table has a white marble top and created from solid oak with traces of circular grained marble.

French Styled Trunk Coffee Table
4 antique trunk coffee table

What was once a plain looking French trunk is now a beautiful, and shiny antique trunk coffee table.

Modern and Stylish Side Table
5 antique trunk coffee table

This table is a modern and small organic style antique side coffee table and suitable for just about any home.

5 Leather Trunk Coffee Tables
Elegant Black Trunk Coffee Table
1leather trunk coffee table

An elegant modern style black trunk coffee table would be a beautiful touch to your office or living room.

Vintage Leather Trunk Coffee Table
3 leather trunk coffee table

Step outside the box with this gorgeous antique trunk coffee table. It has a dark walnut finish that gives it a vintage vibe.

Modern Leather Strap Table

This beautiful table is an interior designers dream, especially for those whose style resembles a modern tone. This trunk coffee table is sleek, large and can hold many items in its storage box.

French Designed Leather Trunk Table
4 leather trunk coffee table

This French steamer trunk is ideal for a spacious look for any home; it’s sturdy, durable and elegant all rolled into one.

Island Tradition Modern Leather Table
5 leather trunk coffee table

A traditional black trunk coffee table with an elegant designed, perfect for storing magazines and books.

A home should be a place where you feel comfortable, where you can kick back and relax and worry free. A place where you feel safe and where you can spend with your loved ones. A place that you feel happy and the feng shui of your home should reflect that image.

Choosing the right coffee table for your home is essential because most of the time it is the centerpiece of your decor. You need to pick the right size, style, and the options are endless. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have more options when it comes to picking out that perfect trunk coffee table.