Did you know that a round wood coffee table can be the most stylish center piece of your room?

A coffee table is the one piece of furniture that you can be really creative with because it allows you to add something unusual to what may otherwise be a formal room.

Because the coffee table often sits in the center of the room it commands attention and with a little imagination you can fit a round wood coffee table into almost any room design.

For example, if your room design is a more formal, classic design then you may want to choose a dark brown or cherry colored wood as this will fit in with the features of the existing formal, traditional furniture such as a large bookcase or cabinet.

However, if you’re going for a modern, clean and light look then you can select a lighter wood such as pine or even man made woods such as MDF. This will easily fit into the minimal, subtle design of the room and work in harmony with other lighter pieces in the room.

The wonderful thing about wood coffee tables is that they last and even if they get a little chipped, scratched or dented, that often adds to their personality and creates an even more desirable piece of furniture.

However, unlike other materials such as metal and plastic, it’s also easy to fix and make good any imperfections with a little sand paper, oil or varnish.

A wooden coffee table can also be combined with other materials because it’s so versatile. So a glass top or even Perspex can be used to add that super sophisticated look that will make your room look like a designer paradise.

So, if you choose a wood frame with a glass top it will look sophisticated and because the wood is natural you can find many different styles, shapes and finishes.

A round wood coffee table also fits well in different sized rooms because they can be small or large and even sit in the corner of the room as a addition to another larger coffee table.

Coffee tables have become a desirable piece, long gone are the days when it was purely just a functional table to put things on.

Now, coffee tables can cost thousands of dollars and are created by many of the most exciting furniture designers such as Sir Terence Conran which means there is a round wooden coffee table to meet any taste.

However, one thing to remember is that when choosing your round wood coffee table, ensure that design doesn’t come at the cost of function as in most houses you will also be looking to use it as a practical piece of furniture as well as the center piece of the room.

Why You May Want to Choose the Round Coffee Table?

A round coffee table accents almost any style room and some are strong enough to stand on their own as centerpieces. Linear rooms with high contrasts benefit from the softening accents of a round shape. Rooms with a variety of shapes and sizes are unified by the curves of a round ottoman. In addition, they connect other circular shapes found within the décor. Round tables open spaces, as opposed to the limiting features of right angles created by squared coffee tables. Multi-purpose living areas benefit from an inviting central feature. Families with small children find the safety of rounded edges beneficial to their lifestyle. Those with pets are less likely to notice the knock furniture takes from animals passing quickly through the living area. You will find the rounded edges of these coffee tables also add walking space to your living area. Even if you have a small living area, larger tables create more surface space without confining the room.

How to Choose the Right Table For Your Needs?

To choose the right round coffee table for your needs you should carefully consider these factors:


Traditionally, coffee tables should be about 2/3 the length of your couches. Because there are no harsh edges, you can select a round coffee table in a larger or smaller size without detracting from the surrounding seating. Designers recommend larger tables as these maximize the space in your room. If you do a lot of entertaining, larger tables create more space or even space for family games time. Families with pets who like to sit at their feet may prefer a smaller round coffee table to open up extra floor space. Consider the size of your television when choosing a coffee table as these screens are often the focal point of living rooms. Although round tables are less likely to detract from the screen, you may want to consider one that corresponds to the width of your screen or its corresponding stand for a balanced room.

Regardless of the diameter of your coffee table, select a height that is roughly even with your room’s seating. If you are looking for a comfortable eating and gaming area, you may want to choose a table that is slightly elevated.


The round coffee table you select should blend seamlessly into the style of your room. Many are built to last and investment pieces should be able to transform as your needs and styles do. If your room is modern, consider a solidly constructed table. If you prefer a retro look, choose one with a center pedestal leg. Your classically styled room will benefit from multiple legs, especially embellished ones. However many other factors, such as color and material will also contribute to the overall style.


Coffee tables are sold in almost every material available. A round glass coffee table will add style and grace to your living room. They are sturdy and easy to maintain. Glass tables are usually accented or supported with additional materials such as wood or metal. A wood table can add both durability and elegance to your rooms. They create an excellent center for family activities such as the arts and crafts of young children. If you are looking for a classic or romantic piece, consider a marble coffee table which creates an elegant and resistant surface. Because of the weight of marble, many tables are combined with other materials to reduce the weight and cost. If you need a coffee table to serve many different purposes, consider a leather coffee table. They easily transform from table to seating to ottoman without having to invest in many different pieces.


Material and construction typically direct the color choices available. If you want a strong neutral color for your modern living area, select a round black or white coffee table. They can be found in almost every material possible. These colors may also work in classic rooms depending on the overall design of the table. Another option for a modern room is a bright color such as red. Other bright colors can lend themselves to retro designs; however these are more likely to be found in materials such as durable plastics. If you prefer a calmer table, you should look for muted colors blend into many different rooms, from classic to modern, depending on the material of construction.

Other Features to Consider

When looking for round coffee tables, consider the other features you may desire. Many come with drawers or shelves. Choose the features you want according to your lifestyle. Models with shelves augment storage; however those with drawers add the same along with a clean design. If you are looking for a really versatile coffee table look for a model that has a table top surface with ottomans underneath that pull out for additional seating.

How to Successfully Buy Round Coffee Tables Online?

Shopping online for a round coffee table is a great way to compare styles, sizes and prices. There are a few things you need to be aware of when selecting a coffee table online. The cost of shipping forms an important part of the overall total and will usually be tied in with the weight of the table you choose. Although you may be tempted to save money with low cost shipping, keep in mind the handling your furniture will undergo when selecting the your preferred delivery method. Check with the retailer if you have questions regarding the packaging on your purchase. Online reviews benefit shoppers as they point out the common pitfalls experienced by real users, from packaging and assembly, to the performance of specific features and overall construction of your furniture.

Round Coffee Table Placement

Coffee tables are generally placed equidistant from the seating around it. A good rule of thumb suggests placing the edges of square coffee tables about 18 inches from the edge of your couch. This allows for a good flow of traffic around the couch without banging your shins as you pass. Round coffee tables offer more flexibility as they can be pulled closer to your seating if you prefer. This invites activity while still allowing for ample space where corners would be placed on square units.

Another method of laying out a living space works on a triangle method, whereby the couch, TV and door form a triangle within the room. Using this design, your coffee table should be halfway between your couch and the center of your triangle. Although both methods are good guidelines for squared coffee tables, round tables offer casual living spaces additional flexibility. Rather than being confined to strict aesthetic rules, the rounded edges allow for you to offset your table without detracting from your seating. Consider placing a round ottoman coffee table off to one side of any seating configuration. Because there are no sharp angles, you avoid sharp cuts into your overall design.

Arranging Your Round Coffee Table

After determining the placement of your coffee table, the next step is the arrangement of items onto it. The items your round coffee tables will typically hold depends on your lifestyle. Sometimes it is host of remotes or paperbacks folded open to the last page. To maintain an uncluttered look, you may want a design that includes hidden drawers. Tray tables are often required for ottoman round tables, but they also consolidate items on other tables, such as magazines, remotes and coasters.Centrally placed items contribute a contemporary appeal, whereas off center placement radiates a casual charm. Coffee table books are a great way to express your interests and provide reading material for guests to browse while you prepare coffee. These are inviting when stacked on top of each other on a round coffee table as they can be angled without creating contrasting corners.

As with any online purchase, shopping should be informative and enjoyable. Take your time when browsing to find the round coffee table that is right for your needs; after all it could be the focus of your living room for a very long time.

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