Rolling File CabinetFile cabinets are nothing but an enclosure of drawers which allow the storage of files and folders. These file cabinets are available in two types called the lateral and vertical file cabinets.

There is another type of cabinet which is the rolling file cabinet which is also called as the mobile file cabinet. Rolling file cabinets rests on four casters and so it is easily movable.

3 drawer mobile filing cabinet

The 3-drawer mobile filing cabinet has two utility drawers for papers, pencils and a place where other office essentials are kept. There is a bottom drawer which is called the file drawer. This file drawer is used to keep legal or letter files.

There is another thing which is called as the cup drawer which pulls and has two choices for finishes. The rolling file cabinets have two utility drawers for storing the essentials of the office.

The bottom drawer in the rolling file cabinet is the file drawer. There is a cup which is used for pilling all the drawers in the rolling file cabinet. It consists of two utility drawers and 1 file drawer with a letter legal filing system and it moves on 4 caster which helps in easy mobility. It is available in Tuscany brown and Tuscany black. It is also available in golden oak. The assemble sometimes requires 15.8*13*24 inches space.

Classic styling also combines with the great versatility of the casters. Rolling file cabinets can also be used as standalones or sometimes are used to create and ensemble grouping. There is a two tone case which is assembled before shipping. The assembled 3 drawer rolling file cabinet fits into any series c desk shell. The supplies and the files are to be kept in three drawer rolling cabinet.

Introduction to Rolling File Cabinet

There are many types of file cabinets available in the market to suit the different need of various work styles. Most of these file cabinets are free standing or wall mounts which are stationary. But recently, rolling cabinets are getting popularity as they are versatile to store files, documents, paper works, and stationeries etc. as the advantage of these Rolling File Cabinets are numerous, its sale has been heated up as more and more demand for such cabinets are raising up. Let us see some of the major advantages of such cabinets.

* The convenience of the mobility of these file cabinets saves time and brings a pleasant mood in the office atmosphere. The employees need to waste their time or get distracted to reach the cabinets.
* The convenience of dragging the cabinet right to the place where a copying machine or a printer is placed save time and helps to store the papers in the folders immediately. This ensures total safety of the documents as they are filed immediately, the chances for missing the papers is impossible.
* The choice of a single drawer and double file drawers helps you to choose the rolling cabinet according to your work nature and the space availability. Although the shallow top drawers for stationery items are the same, it is the number of file drawer that differs according to the individual’s need.
* The different wheels models like lockable or unlockable, fixed or swivel provides you the preference of your choice of mobility or stationary.
* If your work style involves often mobility then you can choose the wheels of a bigger size which are durable and long lasting.

Rolling File Cabinet

There are two major types of rolling file cabinets.  One is for smaller applications such as the home or a small office and might just be a file drawer in a cabinet on wheels.  The other is a mobile system that would be used in an office that maintains large volumes of records.  The latter are sometimes referred to as Mobile Systems and usually consist of a series of carriages containing six or more shelves where each carriage rolls on tracks and they can be rolled tight against each other and locked for security.

The first type of rolling file cabinet is usually a  two drawer file cabinet on four caster wheels.  When using these cabinets you should be sure the size of the wheels will not be a problem on the type of flooring where it will be located.  You don’t want small wheels if you have a plush carpet or it may not roll very easily.  These are great if you are cramped for space in that you can place them somewhere you may have to access occasionally such as to service computer peripheral devices and wiring.

These smaller rolling file cabinets can be constructed to hold just about any configuration of drawers or shelving you can dream up.  They might even be more in the form of a stand which can hold equipment on top and have shelf space below for storage

A good best seller in this category would be one with two shallow drawers on top and a full depth file drawer on bottom for hanging file folders.  A unique feature with this one is the bottom drawer has its own wheel on the bottom of the front which prevents the entire file from tipping when opened with a heavy load of files.

The second type of rolling filing cabinet, or mobile system, is designed to handle large volumes of records in a minimum amount of space.  They are not considered portable but do roll on fixed tracks and depending on how accessible the files need to be, there may be some of the cabinets that remain closed most of the time to save space.  An example of this would be for items such as archival records that only need to be accessed at the end of the year to store the most recently retired files.

Rolling file cabinets with manual shelves would have a handle on the end of the carriage in order to roll the carriage to provide an aisle for accessing the records.

Rolling file cabinets with mechanical assist shelves also have handles on the end of the carriage however these are made to be turned like a wheel causing the carriage to move on the tracks.  These are for heavier applications.

Rolling file cabinets with electrical assist shelves are the most convenient and only require you to push a button to move the shelves.  These are the most expensive and are usually found in law firms or large corporations or hospitals.

Moving was never so easy

Nowadays, you find offices located on huge floor space and it really becomes a tough job when it comes to transfer files and stationery from one place to another place. You need to carry in big bags or boxes, which is not always convenient. There comes the need of mobile file cabinets, which make your work easier and helps you in transferring files from one place to another.
When 2 drawer filing cabinets came in the market, they were not so good and attractive. They were made of either metal or plastic and little less appealing. However, today we have various varieties of cabinets and you can select one that matches your room décor. These modern cabinets come in various colors and of various materials. Some are even fireproof and with locks to give security to your important documents.
Mobile file cabinets come with numbers of drawers and you can choose anyone as per your requirement. You can go for either single drawer cabinet or multi-drawer cabinets that can hold all your offices files. If you are planning to buy a mobile file cabinet, within the budget , then go for open mobile file cabinets, which has no top or sides but only four posts to support all your needs.
Today, various companies are using mobile file cabinets for making their work easier and quicker. If you need to transfer the file on regular basis, then these cabinets are the better options. They come in various sizes and colors. You can even use them as desk or table, when not in use.
Not only in offices, they are widely used in hospitals to hold the medical records as they have wheels, they are easy to move from place to another place.