lift top coffee tableAre you looking to decorate your home in a modern way?

Then a lift top coffee table is a great way to do so.

Using these tables adds a greater visual impact of the house. There are so many sources out there, where you can order various style and budget-based furniture.

Most people prefer to add this coffe table furniture to their household to add ambiance to their surroundings. It serves the purpose of quick space to place smaller items which we hold in our hands.

Quality is not compromised anyhow, they are known to last for years to come, and monthly maintenance is more than enough.

If you want to add more value to your household and make the room much more delightful, then take a short tour of our list, which we have selected after going through many from the market.

Top 10 Lift-Top Coffee Tables Reviews

Out of thousands of the best Lift-top coffee table, we have shortlisted top 10 Lift top coffee table. They are built for modern people and the quality standard is not compromised at all. This means you can enjoy the best the market has to offer.

#1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Alymere Lift Top Coffee Table

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Alymere Lift Top Coffee Table - Cocktail Height - Rectangular - Rustic Brown

Ashley furniture designed a lift top coffee table rustic color, which gives you an elegant look for your house.

The design inspired by the 20th-century royalty furniture, but the designer ensured that it has the latest look and feel to it.

Ashley Furniture’s have used high-quality woods in the making of the lift up the coffee table. As the name “Ashley furniture” describes that the signature design lifts up the coffee table.

Probably the best lift top coffee table Ashley furniture has delivered.

Alymere Lift Top Cocktail Table from Ashley


Built-quality – The built of the lift top coffee table is decent, it won’t break that easily, and it will last for a long time with minimum maintenance.
Craft Material – The Company has used veneers, cast resin, good quality wood, and engineered wood.
Storage – It comes with two drawers, one fixed shelf, and a lift-top table.
  • Excellent design.
  • The length and the height are decent. It fits well in a medium room size.
  • Ashley furniture packages protects, and delivery it carefully.
  • Cleaning it also easy.
  • Very expensive.
  • You have to install it, but the pieces will be provided by the company.

#2. Lift Top Coffee Table Oak With Storage Drawers And Bottom Shelf



#3. Mainstay Lift-Top Coffee Table, (Brown)

Mainstay Lift-Top Coffee Table, (Brown)

#4. Sauder 420421 Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table Coffee Oak finish

Sauder 420421 Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, L: 43.15" x W: 19.45" x H: 18.98", Coffee Oak finish

If you are looking for modern lift top coffe table, then you should check out Sauder 420421, which is built from composite wood with a premium coating that will keep it away from Rust, Water stains, and more.

The lift top coffee tables is a multi-purpose table, where you can work on a laptop with ease, you can surf the web or have good tea time with your family.

Coming to storage, which is an important aspect of the Sauder. It has 2 shelves so that you can store toys, blankets, comforts, frames, shoes, and more. The hidden compartment is very usable, and you can put many things in it, but make sure that the weight of the items is not heavy.


Built-quality – The whole table is coated with Chalked Chestnut, and the wood quality is also decent. The height of the top lift is above 41 inches, which is an amazing height and you can adjust it.
Craft Material – Composite wood is used in it, which is Engineered wood.
Storage – There are many compartments, which you use. There are two compartments on the sides, and four on the front end.


  • Quality is good and will last for more than five years if used properly.
  • The wood used in the manufacturing is easy to find a replacement and does not cost you a lot in repairs.

#5. Yaheetech Lift-up Top Coffee Table w/Hidden Storage Compartment & Shelf White

Yaheetech Lift-up Top Coffee Table w/Hidden Storage Compartment & Shelf White

#6. Progressive Furniture P543-25 Sebring Castered Double Lift-Top Cocktail Table, Cherry Medium Ash

Progressive Furniture P543-25 Sebring Castered Double Lift-Top Cocktail Table, Cherry Medium Ash

#7. Best Choice Products Multifunctional Modern Lift Top Coffee Table Desk Dining Furniture for Home

Best Choice Products Multifunctional Modern Lift Top Coffee Table Desk Dining Furniture for Home, Living Room, Décor, Display w/Hidden Storage and Lift Tabletop - Espresso

An impressive table and we are unable to take our eyes away. It is a modern design made for the modern house, where you can place your laptop at an adjustable size. The most interesting part is that the furniture company has used Hardwood & Metal hardware to give it the final finish.

The table has three lower shelves that can be used for storage, and you can also store many things in the hidden compartments.


Built-quality – The quality is decent.
Craft Material – Hardwood and metal hardware.
Storage – Three shelves and one hidden compartment.


  • Modern design and quality is excellent.
  • Inexpensive
  • Assemble is required, but it will be easy, and the company will provide you with the parts.
  • So far none.

#8. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Gately Coffee Table – Rectangular – Lift Top – Medium Brown

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Gately Coffee Table - Rectangular - Lift Top - Medium Brown

#9. Steve Silver Company Nelson Lift-Top Cocktail Table, Cherry

Steve Silver Company Nelson Lift-Top Cocktail Table, Cherry

10. TANGKULA Coffee Table Lift Top Wood Home Living Room Modern Lift Top Storage Coffee Table w/Hidden Compartment Lift Tabletop Furniture (Brown)

TANGKULA Coffee Table Lift Top Wood Home Living Room Modern Lift Top Storage Coffee Table w/Hidden Compartment Lift Tabletop Furniture (Brown)

#11. ATS: Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage for Living Room Decor Lift Top Wood Rectangle Industrial Coffee Table Decoration & eBook by AllTim3Shopping

We have excluded many tables to ensure that only Top 10 Lift top coffee table worthy furniture added to the list

The table designed for those who want to have a cup of coffee without adjusting to get out of their comfort zone.

The design is made by keeping your comfort in mind and it has the least cons, so you don’t find many mistakes from the design.

The table designed for two things, you can either work comfortably or have a cup of coffee or tea comfortably.

The ATS delivered a farmhouse table that has rustic colour, which comes in an adjustable height.

You can find many lift top coffee table with storage from various sources, but only a few of them can provide you with the best quality.

If you are looking for a table that can give you the storage you need, then you can find the hidden storage space, which comes with many compartments. Not only has that it also given beautiful looks to the room.


Built-quality – The built of the lift top coffee table is good. With a little effort of maintenance, it lasts for years.
Craft Material Unspecified.
Storage – It has many storage compartments.
  • Storage capacity is good and the finish is also good.
  • Affordable price while other companies are offering similar specifications tables at a higher price.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy.
  • So far none.

What is a lift top coffee table?

lift-top coffee tables are stationary coffee tables in which the top of the table raises to a specific height, which makes it useful in a variety of ways.

One valuable difference comparable to standard coffee tables is lift-top coffee tables make it much easier to grab those snacks off the table by putting foods at a level height so you no longer have to bend down and reaching for your food and drinks.

These multi-functional tables are ideal in homes like studio apartments, lofts and other small spaces in which you need a coffee table to act as multiple pieces of furniture.

What Can Small Lift-Top Coffee Tables Do for You?

Small space lift-top coffee tables can save you from purchasing a dining table, snack table, desk, and game table.

In short, you can have a kitchen, home office, gaming station in your living room without costing yourself more space.

Let’s take a closer look at how these multi-purpose tables can save you a world of space…

Lift-Top Coffee Tables as Dining Tables

To benefit most from using your lift-top coffee table as a dining table, pair it with a set of folding chairs or ottomans.

Folding parsons chairs work well with small lift-top coffee tables at dining table height and folding ottomans suit it best when it’s at coffee table height or slightly higher.

When in coffee table form, you can also think of it as an Asian-inspired low-height dining table.

Also remember, if your home requires versatility, you don’t have to choose between folding chairs and folding ottomans. Purchase both and stow the chairs away in a closet and the ottomans under a bed or sofa.

Many folding ottomans also provide additional storage space–whether temporary or permanent–by allowing you to store items inside of them.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables as Desks

An equally ideal alternative is to use your small lift-top coffee table as a desk. Your sofa acts as an office chair and you’ve got an instantaneous home office in your living room.

In case you need to shift a little closer when sitting, having a few extra pillows on hand to support your back may do you a world of good.

If circumstances require your coffee table to be positioned too far away from the sofa in order to use it as a chair, then you can use a folding chair instead or grab a spare chair around your home and park it in front of the table.

Since a lift-top coffee table usually comes with at least a small amount of hidden storage space, you may also have room to store your laptop inside of it when you’re not working.

Remember, it can also be used as a writing desk to complete business and personal tasks for adults and homework assignments for tweens, teens and college students.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables as Game Tables

If your home is a place where board games like chess or checkers are often played, then having a game table is important for your day-to-day happiness.

Parties of two will get the best use out of the table since a lift-top table will be too small for larger get-togethers. For small homes in need of something larger, try a folding card table as an alternative.

If you put a lot of puzzles together and need a tabletop for that, then these tables can also work well for you.

However, it’s important to note the size of the completed puzzle and compare it against the size of the table since larger puzzles may be too big for the table. If the size is a hindrance, then folding card tables are best tailored to your needs as well.

Coffee Table and Other Types

Lift Top Coffee Table

Lift top coffee tables are usually great additions to any home. They provide a storage space directly under the top of the table and usually have several drawers or cabinets that offer other storage options as well.

The best lift top tables have their tops on casters so that they just lift up, without disturbing anything resting on the top. Other lift top tables are on hinges, so that you have to remove everything from the top before you open them up.

Lift top Coffee Table with Storage Drawers

These coffee tables have the same storage options as the lift top coffee tables, but the top doesn’t open up.

With only the drawers to put things in, you will have less organizational capabilities than with the lift top, as most of the lift top tables have a variety of ways to organize your items once you lift the lid.

These tables can come in many different finishes and can be constructed from variety of materials, so they can fit almost any décor.

Standard Coffee Tables

If you opt for a standard coffee table, you’ll be giving up the storage capacity of the lift top coffee table or coffee table with storage drawers.

However, you will have more style options. Coffee tables with storage capacity have to use their entire length, width, and height for drawers or cabinets.

Tables that don’t have those restraints can have decorative legs or a small shelf.

Ottomans Coffee tables

Some people, especially those with small children, prefer to use an ottoman in place of a coffee table.

These low benches are upholstered, making them softer, with rounder edges. This makes them great for families who have children just learning to walk or people who prefer a cozy living room.

The drawback to using an ottoman is that the upholstery is not a safe place to put a drink or eat food, as the fabric or leather is not as stable as wood, plastic, metal, or glass and can be harder to clean.

Easy to Make Coffee Table with Lift Up Top DIY


Lift top coffee table mechanism has helped many people live more comfortably in their rooms.

Remember, in case if you are not sure about any product you can always contact the Amazon customer care for clarity about Warranty claims and replacement warranty claim.