Glass Coffee Table – Design and Styles to Fit Your Home

Glass coffee tables can be the focal point of any formal living room, living room or den. The designs continue to get more ambitious and amazing as the artists continue to push the limits of interior design. Whether you are going for more of a contemporary look or selecting yourtable to be a modern center piece, you cannot make a mistake. Today’s selection of glass coffee tables is astounding to say the least and below we have outlined a few of the up and coming favorites.

Black Glass Coffee Tableicon
Black glass coffee tables are unique and stylish. They represent a more modern feel with simple elegance. Not all black glass top tables are created equal so choose carefully when making your final selection. They come in many forms and many styles and the ultimate decision will come down to matching your current interior. If you are purchasing new furniture then it will be an easy addition but if you are trying to refresh your look with an updated piece then it can be more challenging. It is accepted that most traditional coffee tables use a wooden base and modern styles use a metal or artistic pedestal. As long as you are happy with the way fits into your interior design then that is all that matters in the end.

Round Glass Coffee Table
No here is a stunning addition to any home. These round glass tops make any interior “pop” with excitement and style. Usually saved for the modern style of furniture there are some unique traditional bases available that would be a welcome addition to any home. While the term “round” can be objective, there are many options available. Round can mean circular, oval, or even a free style modern “round”. It is really up to you and your personal tastes in home décor. A nice addition to your round glass coffee table purchase would be a nice set of matching end tables. It really is up to you!

Square Glass Coffee Table
Zip, zoom, bang! Wow with its rigid lines and structure square glass coffee tables are a stand out and statement in your home! Don’t let those straight lines fool you, these are becoming very popular in the design world and for good reason. As the centerpiece of your room, it is important that you select something that will make a statement about who you are and what you want the world to know about you. It is my opinion that nothing can do that better than with a square top coffee table. I’ve seen many designers take some lee way in their definition of square but their designs are still amazing.

Modern Glass Coffee Table

With any movement in design and fashion, you will eventually come to the term “modern”. What does that mean? Well it really depends on your personal taste and style. In the coffee table industry it means free flowing designs, sometimes artistic bases and often rigid feeling pedestals. These tables are definitely a statement and something you want to consider carefully because choosing incorrectly could be costly. It is difficult to place a modern glass coffee table into your existing home, unless it has already been deemed a modern design. If you are simply purchasing a new set of furniture then your style will be clearly demonstrated by the entire set. I have seen many modern designs with a complete disregard for synergy and completeness but these styles are difficult to pull off alone. If this is your desire then we suggest finding a qualified interior designer to help with your choice. Don’t be afraid to take this leap though because the benefit is an amazing statement of your in home style and design.

Oval Glass Coffee Table
Simple, elegant and a long standing favorite in all interior design circles is the oval glass coffee table. You really cannot go wrong with this wonderful piece of furniture. These tables can be placed in just about any room that is suited for a coffee table whether formal or casual. A specific thing to notice is the pedestal that will support the glass. It will be visible so make sure you choose the correct design elements that fit into your home décor. Oval glass tables make a wonderful addition to any home.

No matter what you choose be sure to purchase your table with a high quality glass top because we wouldn’t want to have any accidents or breakage. Please don’t let your glass coffee table become the catch all for the living room or den. Make sure your family understands that this is a statement about your home and if clutter persists then maybe you need to get another glass coffee table.

Cleaning Your Glass Coffee Table

There is one thing about indoor furnishings that never seems to get better no matter how far our world advances and that is cleaning.  We all clean our houses and furniture to maintain a safe and welcoming home.  Glass coffee tables are no different and often take a little extra tender loving care but they are worth it.  We have compiled a list of tips and techniques that we have gathered and they are included below.

One of the problems with cleaning a glass top coffee table is that the cleaner or dust gets in between the glass and the structure of the table.  In order to prevent this we recommend that you remove the glass pieces and clean them separately if possible.  This way you are able to reduce the amount of dust and lint that remains after a good cleaning.  If you table doesn’t allow for the removal of the glass pieces then we suggest using canned air to remove the excess dust.  Just hold the can about 3-6 inches away from the crevice and blast that filth right out of there.  Either option will be sure to remove the unwanted lint and dust.

Now when cleaning the glass itself there are a few different methods that all of have great results.  The goal is to have a nice clean sheet of glass with no streaks or smudges and there are several ways to get this accomplished.  A popular method for removing smudges without leaving any streaks is by using vinegar and water as a cleaning solution and using newspaper as you would a paper towel.  Just simply put equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and wipe away with the newspaper.  If vinegar and water is not your thing then we have heard that some people get great results using witch hazel in place of vinegar.  Both solutions will work great when used with the newspaper trick.

Now depending on your glass coffee table is constructed you may or may not need to clean the base or structure.  If it is a traditional table with a wooden base then simply use your favorite dusting spray or wipe, with your manufactures approval of course.  If your table has a metal base then we recommend using the same solution you used on your glass, it will work equally well here. You can also check out All About Cleaners for additional information on cleaning your glass coffee table.

We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful.  If you take care of your glass coffee table it will last for many, many years and could become a family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your manufacturer they will be able to identify or walk you through any cleaning issue you will run into.