One of the most convenient pieces of furniture available for a family room, living room, den, recreation room, or any other room of the house is a corner TV stand.

It is the perfect solution for all types of TVs, including today’s popular wide-screen sets because these stands are sold in many different sizes.

A corner TV stand can be put in the corner of any room which will provide more floor space for other furniture or just to provide some open space in the room.

Corner TV sets come in many styles, such as contemporary, modern, transitional, traditional, Country French, and many more.

These stands are made of all different types of woods and wood finishes, such as oak, cherry, and mahogany for traditional decors. For modern and contemporary settings, metal corner TV stands with glass doors and shelves add a stylish look to any room.

A corner TV stand makes the all-important television available in the rooms that are used the most. When it is turned off, it is unobtrusive and is not the center of the room, so there is still a place where quiet conversation can take place. Sofas and chairs can be arranged facing the corner TV stand or along the sides of the room, depending on the preference of the home dwellers. Either way, an atmosphere of relaxation and peace can be created in the room. When friends come to visit, there is a quiet place to sit and chat, and when the family wants to watch the latest reality show, the television is right there as well, tastefully placed on a corner TV stand.

With today’s eclectic look in decors, it is not necessary to match the wood of a corner TV stand exactly to existing furniture. Many designers are mixing several styles of furniture, and it is common to mix light furniture with dark or medium and dark stains on pieces of furniture in the same room. Corner TV stands made of glass and metal can also mix well with wooden furniture, sofas, and other chairs. Some metal stands have dark stains that blend into almost any type of room décor. For those who prefer French country or other styles of light finished furniture, there are corner TV stands that are also made in this style. For a contemporary look, there are many stands made of metal or chrome with glass shelves.

Most corner TV stands have some sort of storage shelves for storing VCR’s, video game systems, and other electrical systems. There are often places to store DVD’s and video games as well. There may be open shelves, or the corner TV stand may be built with doors made of wood or glass that protect the electrical equipment from dust and dirt. Many people prefer corner TV stands with doors because it cuts down on the amount of dusting that is required, and they may look more like a formal piece of furniture than stands without doors.

It is possible to find many beautiful corner TV stands at online vendors who carry all different types of stands. Some of the more expensive corner TV stands are made of solid wood, such as oak or beech wood, while others have wood veneers. The solid wood stands are more expensive, but they are sturdier and able to safely hold a heavy television set. Another reason that a consumer may choose to spend a little more money on a solid wood corner TV stand is if the person plans to move it very often over the next 10 or 15 years. If moving from house to house or apartment to apartment is part of the plan, then those stands made of solid wood may be more economical in the long run.

A Comparison of Plasma TV Stands vs. Wood TV Stands

When it is time to purchase a TV stand, you will notice that you have two standard options:

  • A Wood TV Stand
  • A Plasma TV Stand

These two TV stands have some similarities, but in general they are designed for two specific purposes – one is designed to provide you with a hard, level place to put your TV set, the other is designed to provide you with something that is aesthetically appealing while still incredibly functional.

Wood TV Stand

Wood TV Stands, like the Tech-Craft ABS48, the Tech-Craft CBK60, and the Sanus NFV49 are made specifically for standard TVs and LCD TVs that need a place to sit in your home. They have cabinets and other areas so that you can store your things, but their primary purpose is to provide you with a place to house your TV so you can watch it on a regular basis.

Plasma TV Stand

Plasma TV Stands (such as the Bello FP-4224, the Bello FP-4855, and the Bello PP-59), on the other hand, are largely for aesthetic and storage appeal. Plasma TVs can be hung on walls, but hanging them on a wall is dangerous and places it in the middle of the room with no surrounding furniture or purpose.

So individuals interested in giving their Plasma TVs a more permanent home purchase a Plasma TV stand. This allows them to place the TV in a sturdier place than the wall, the television will still be hanging (for optimum viewing) and the aesthetics of the Plasma TV stand makes it fit better in your home. There is also usually storage area for you to keep DVDs.

Which to Choose

Obviously the final decision about which TV stand to get depends on the type of TV you own. But it also depends on the type of TV you plan on owning. If you have any intentions of purchasing a Plasma TV in the future, you may want to purchase a Plasma TV stand that is equipped with enough room that it can house your current, non Plasma TV (Such as the Bello FP-4226, the Tech-Craft TRK55B and the Sanus PFFP2B) but still have a place to mount a the television when you make the final purchase.

On the other hand, a Wood TV stand is useful for those that have no intention of upgrading to a wall mounted TV, and are content with either an SD TV or an HDTV. Either way, you can still find a piece of furniture that will go well in your household but is functional enough to house your television and attractive enough to not detract from your home’s décor.

Corner Stand For Flat Screen TVs

If you would love to have a large flat screen TV in your home, but you believe that your room is too small, you may want to consider a corner stand for flat screen TVs. Flat screen TVs are very popular, especially since prices have dropped, making them more affordable for more people to buy. With a little bit of furniture rearranging, you may easily be able to fit a large flat screen TV in your home by using a corner stand for flat screen TVs.

One of the great features of a corner stand for flat screen TVs is that the TV screen can be seen from anywhere in the room when it is in the corner. A flat-screen TV that is mounted on the wall or that is on a TV stand that sits against the wall can only be seen if you are in front of it or at a certain angle. If a flat screen TV is a large one, a corner stand is a very good option because these stands tend to be made to be very sturdy. The stand may have a triangular back that will fit right into the corner of any room. Many manufacturers test their TV stands to ensure their stability, so buying from a reputable company is always a good idea. If you would like to keep all of the wires from your various electronics from getting tangled together, it is helpful if a TV stand has wire management access holes. These are round holes that are drilled into the back of the stand that are specifically designed for various wires, such as for video games, DVD players, and other electronics.

A corner stand for flat screen TVs can easily be found for a TV that is 50 inches wide or less. It is a little more difficult to locate stands for TVs that are more than 50 inches wide, but they can be found with a little bit of searching. The top of the stand should be at least as wide as the TV, so it is important to know the exact width of your set before looking for a stand. Discount stores, furniture stores, and online vendors sell corner stands for flat screen TVs. Because a larger TV is heavier than a smaller one, the stand for the wide flat screen TV must be very well made and sturdy.

Just as with any furniture, the buyer can spend very little and get a stand that will work, but that may not last as long as a corner stand for flat screen TVs that costs two or three times as much. Furniture stores and online vendors sell stands that will blend into any room of fine furniture. These may cost up to $2,000 and more for solid wood that has beveled glass doors, felt-lined drawers, and many other features of fine furniture. Inexpensive corner stands for flat screen TVs may have a similar look and strength, but they are sometimes made of material that is covered with a plastic wood-like covering. These stands can be found for under $100. In addition, many stands need to be assembled whether they are purchased at a discount store or from an online vendor. Furniture stores often have the option of assembling the corner stand for flat screen TVs for a small fee. Those that arrive in a flat box and need to be assembled are usually easy to assemble for most people, and some of them do not require tools.

There are many fine furniture pieces that websites sell that will be delivered fully assembled. They come in many furniture finishes, such as cherry, walnut, and oak, or in colors such as white, dark brown, and black. Purchasing one of these TV stands is definitely a furniture investment that will last for many years.