If you are shopping for coffee tables with storage we are here to help give you a few tips to make the process a little easier and to highlight a few of our favorite choices.

What are Storage Coffee Tables with Storage?

This group may incorporate a combination of the different styles and approaches to designing coffee tables to store your favorite knickknacks from shelves and drawers to lift top designs all together in one table. If you’re looking for a coffee table that will allow you to have multiple types of storage – some hidden, some open, or even storage areas to feature your favorite possessions this is your best bet.

As with most coffee table designs, you can find these tables manufactured using a variety of different materials from glass, wood and metal to the more exotics like wicker and bamboo. Coffee tables with storage come in almost every conceivable style, size, material and for all types of budgets.

What are the disadvantages to storage coffee tables with storage?

The answer – not much. You will find such a variety of different styles and designs you can find a tables that may be just exactly what you are looking for. With the exception of lift top tables this group incorporates many of the design feature of the other style tables. You can find coffee tables featuring both shelves and drawers for storage like this unit.

This small table we are featuring above, for example, provides man different levels and types of storage that are just right for magazines, books, small objects, knick-knacks you want to be in a safer place, and drawers for the items you want to keep safe or out of sight.

What are Shelves Coffee Tables with Storage?

One of the simplest and most economical designs is coffee tables that use shelves to provide additional storage areas have always been a popular choice. Although the table we have chosen to feature is certainly not one of the simplest designs that you can find, these tables can offer very clean simple lines – which means they can be manufactured very inexpensively.

So if you have a very limited budget this design may be where you want to start your shopping adventure.

You can use a new coffee table as an accent piece or as a focal point in your home depending on the design you choose and the rest of your décor. A stylish coffee table like this round coffee table with storage featuring a dingle  shelf provides just the right touch and a very practical way to help keep down

What are the cons for coffee tables with shelf storage?

Two things you may want to think about – first, you obviously have no place to “hide’ things on an open shelf. But is all you are looking for is a convenient place to store magazines or books, this design might be a great choice in coffee tables. The second point – especially if the shelves are close to the ground – they tend to become dust magnets. Coffee tables with shelf storage are still a great option despite these minor drawbacks.

Where can I find shelf coffee tables with innovative designs for a small space?

One of my favorite places to shop for creative looks that are easy on the budget is Ikea. Ikea sofa tables coffee table feature very modern designs, are well built and are relatively inexpensive.

What types of coffee tables with storage designs are available?

Coffee tables with storage come in a few basic designs and you can follow the link for a few answers  on why you might oerfer one opinion over another, what are the benefits or pros of a particular design, and what are the drawbacks or cons for each design:

Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage – featuring creative designs with tempered glass and retractable designs to exquisite cherry and walnut.

Looking for a place to prop your feet – Ottoman Coffee Tables with Storage – a great solution for storage and additional seating.

Drawer Coffee Table with Storage – featuring tables from wood glass and metal with shelves and drawers for extra storage space.

Want a coffee table with room to store a few magazines – Shelves Coffee Table with Storage won’t break your budget?

Portable Coffee Tables with Storage – want to introduce a little something different with some extra storage?

Finally a combination of all different types of coffee tables that all provide for extra storage shelves, drawers and cabinets, we call this –  Storage Coffee Tables with Storage.

Below we feature a few of our favorites just to give you an idea of the options available online that are offered by our advertisers at really great prices.

Take a look at these coffee tables that provide your home with additional storage areas and won’t break your budget and look at some of our other types of coffee tables featured as well. But don’t miss out on the great deals being offered today by visiting our advertisers.

Can I find an Asian Style Coffee Table with Storage?

Coffee Tables with Storage – Furnitech Contemporary Asian Style Coffee Table with Centre Drawer in Wenge

If you are shopping for a coffee that can provide a storage area for magazines or books and has an Asian flair you might like this coffee table from Furnitech. The table has an Asian contemporary design that gives durability to the product. It is finished in wenge which gives an appearance that is fussy.

It is made of high-quality teak that will add up to the durability and strength of the table. You will love this table because of the drawer that this table features, where you can simply store your teacups, saucers and such.

Coffee Tables with Storage – Furnitech Traditional Coffee Table in Wenge with 2 Drawers

This coffee table with two drawers is from Furnitech. You will surely love this table because of the two storage drawers that it has. It is made of solid pewter hardware to ensure the durability and the life span of this table. This table is ideal for homes with antique interiors because of the traditional design of this alluring table that will surely love by you and your family.

Can I find a more modern design coffee table that has some storage areas?

Coffee Tables with Storage – Riverside Medley Square Coffee Table with Drawers

Prefer a more modern look, but still, want to have a coffee table that features different types of storage areas? This wooden coffee table is from Riverside Medley. You will surely love the structure of this table because of the frame that is made of veneer wood. You will love the artistic detail of the top because of the mosaic pebble marquetry marble.

The legs are made from metal that is twisted to create an elegant look. There are two shelves that can be pulled out whenever you need to store something or if you want to get something. There are also four drawers where you can store your other coffee utensils.

Are There Solid Wood Coffee Tables with Storage?

Coffee Tables with Storage – Chinois Antique Walnut Coffee Table with Storage

If you like solid wood tables featuring very simple desings made from exqusite walnut check out this great table. This antique looking table is from Chinois. The table has an Asian design on the apron side of the table that makes it very unique and elegant. The table is finished in antique walnut that will surely match every home interiors of today. You can also match this table with a high table, console table and an end table. You and your family will surely enjoy having a cup of coffee in this alluring table.


Coffee Tables with Storage – Riverside Black Coffee Table with Storage Ottoman and Wooden Legs

This unique looking table is from Riverside. You and your guests will surely love the unique design of this table because it is made of genuine leather top while the side panels are made from vinyl. There is also some synthetic tufted button around the table to add style. You will love the storage area because of the hinged conceal top. The legs are perfectly made from high quality wood to ensure the durability of the table itself.

Modern Coffee Tables

Thinking about changing up the look in your living room? Modern coffee tables are usually the center piece or focal point of the room in many homes that feature contemporary furniture. It’s also the place where magazines, cds, pictures – you name it – clutter up the house. A modern coffee table set with storage can solve two problems for you. You get to choose from a wide variety of designs and finishes from wood to metal and glass.

In your house, and in every house that you visit, you are most likely to find coffee tables with storage in their living or sitting rooms. Modern coffee tables come in various shapes and sizes, and also styles which range from traditional to modern designed coffee tables. Among the styles of these tables, you’ll find tables with storage.

For some, this style table with storage is simply furniture in that style and design. But for others, these are cleverly designed coffee tables that serve the dual purpose of being storage areas as well. But tables that also have storage are just like any other coffee tables as far as its height is concerned.

These tables are meant to hold drinks, reading material, and even the person’s feet while sitting on the sofa; that is why all coffee tables are notably shorter than other tables. So if you really look at it, any table with storage can only have so much space for storage. The space in between the table and the floor is the storage area. So basically, these tables would only have two to four drawers as its storage space.

However, despite this fact, you’ll be surprised how handy modern coffee tables with storage can be. You can store coffee table books in it, and also magazines. Imagine all those magazines cluttering around your home can now be stacked neatly inside your coffee table’s drawer. You can also store in little decorative objects in it. These coffee tables are stylish ways of keeping your home neat and organized.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables

You can find lift top coffee tables with storage that also fit into almost any type of home from cabin styles to large homes and estates but are still white or off-white in color. With white sofas and walls complementing it, it also screams out purity and cleanliness. So basically, if you would like a fresh, cool look for your home, white coffee tables will do the job for you.

You can find these great looking tables in a variety of different finishes and materials from solid woods that are painted white to white acrylics or even plastic if you are on a low budget. The great thing is that white will work so well with so many other colors that you almost can’t go wrong with this choice.

Guide to Finding Cheap Coffee Tables

Cheap coffee tables with expensive looking finishes can really help to create a focal point for your living room. There are so many colors that can complement the color black it makes the rest of you decorating job much easier. Online you can find cheap coffee tables and discounted coffee tables from great manufacturers like Ikea and even used coffee tables from places like Craigs list.

Cheap coffee tables are ugly designs and poor finishes – not so today. When it comes to coffee tables , they are very popular in the average home today because of the many designs and inexpensive finsihes available.

Many people like tables in color, whether wooden or not, to complement their other pieces of furniture in their modernly designed homes. Entertainment rooms in modern day houses such as music rooms, dens, movie viewing rooms, and so on, are usually boldly colored these days.

Wall colors such as white, tan, taupe, and the likes are still considered to be great today, but trending colors for entertainment rooms, living rooms, or sitting rooms include bold, dark colors such as gray, red, and even forest and moss green. So when it comes to decorative coffee tables with storage the color black would really complement these walls, thus completing the look.

Trends in interior design, just like fashion, also evolve. And also most entertainment rooms these days have large television sets, home theater systems, and the likes; and that all these appliances are mostly colored black. So having a coffee table in a black color would really make all the pieces in the room complement each other, achieving a really nice, polished, elegant look.

So if you want to have a bit of modification from the classic home look of light walls and dark brown heavy furniture, you can try a modern look with bold colors. One of the easiest choices to use is the color black, that’s why so many decorators and interior designers like to recommend using the color in every home

Glass Coffee Tables

Whether you are shopping for glass coffee tables or glass top coffee tables online you can easily find a variety of designs from modern or contemporary glass coffee tables from well known manufacturers like Iike or more traditionally  styled round glass coffee tables or square glass coffee tables our advertsiers can help with great prices and selection.

A glass coffee table is a great way to focus the attention on a particular spot in your living room and can even be a great conversation starter. Especially is you combine a unique looking table with a few of your favorite mementos.

Tables in or near the center of your room never fail to make great conversation pieces. If you have many new visitors in your home, they make great ice breakers too. Leave your guests in your living room while you go to get them some iced tea and when you come back, you’ll find them excitedly talking about your little piece of furniture. Every home owner loves that.

Modern manufacturers provide many choices for everyone to choose from in glass coffee table designs. These tables have many designs ranging from cute ideas to technological stuff, and out of this world (for some) ideas. There’s plenty for everybody!

Contemporary Coffee Tables

Shopping for  contemporary coffee tables? WHether you are looking for contemporary wood coffee tables, glass coffee tables, or any type of contemporary furniture or advertisers carry an amazing selection of modern furniture including contemporary cocktail tables,  in all shapes like contemporary round coffee tables ,  and all colors like black coffee tables at great prices.

Let’s face it, everyone has something they want to show off. Whether it’s a picture of the grandkids, a baseball trophy, or your favorite new beer mug – we all love our stuff. A contemporary coffee table makes an ideal choice because they are designed to do just that and they are the focal point of your living room.

One of the most popular kinds of coffee tables includes the coffee tables with storagedesigned for displays. Its classic design and elegance makes it a staple piece of furniture in almost every home. Especially those homes in which the owner has many pieces and things they wish to put on display.

Just like any other contemporary coffee table out there, a this table is definitely shorter than the other kinds of tables, and it is meant to be placed where sofas are also placed – in living rooms, sitting rooms, and other rooms in the house meant for entertaining. Usually this type of table is one that is simply like a coffee table but has a glass lid covering it and has moderately deep enough area for the objects to be placed in.

So for those who love to showcase their collection such as those priceless antique pieces that are too small and dainty to be displayed on shelves, you can do so with a display table and not be worried about them getting broken as easily. Or those tiny Christmas decorating pieces that you are afraid may get lost if displayed on shelves.

Having a contemporary coffee table lets you change your decors just like changing it along with the season or occasion like Halloween, summer, fall, etc… And the best thing is that you won’t spend a lot of time cleaning and dusting the decorative pieces because it is under a glass lid, away from all the dust and dirt. It’s great, isn’t it?

Round Coffee Tables With Storage

Shopping for round coffee tables? Our advertisers carry an amazing variety of round wood coffee tables, square coffee tables, round cocktail tables, oval coffee tables – nay size and shape you may need. They also feature great pricing on many different desings from round glass coffee tables to round lift top coffee tables and round modern coffee tables.

Round coffee tables, glass coffee tables or round dining room tables, all types of round shaped furniture are great choices especially for people who live in smaller homes or apartments. They allow you to use the shape to maximize your space. Choose a glass topped round coffee table with storage and let the sunlight reflect and pass through which opens up the room and makes it appear brighter.

The houses of today are what you can consider to be small, compact, and still functional. Homes that are large and posh are seldom seen in the modern day city and that may be a reason why you can see a lot of round shaped coffee tables today.

Modern day homes are small and compact, which are easier to clean, handle, and manage; and goes very well with the modern lifestyle. Modern individuals find it practical to live in townhouses, condos, and duplexes. However, just because modern day houses are small, it doesn’t mean it is all cramped and difficult. It is in fact, the opposite. It is easy to clean, easy to manage, and easy to decorate. This is where tables with glass tops come in. You can find coffee tables have various designs, and shapes with glass tops depending on the style the buyer wants. But what is important is that these kinds of coffee tables are most ideal for compact, small homes.

These coffee tables make small spaces look bigger and more spacious and gives the illusion that the only thing in the middle of the living room is the small base holding the table. The bases of these tables vary in style too from chrome, 3D styles, to traditional ones with wooden bases of different styles too. For functional yet aesthetic furniture for small spaces, may it be for your home or office; round coffee tables do it best.

Unique Coffee Tables

A large room calls for unique pieces of furniture toh elp bring the room together and to create a design theme for you home. Having a unique coffee table in the center of your living room can help to bring together your room and is a great first piece when choosing your furniture. Our advertsiers carry a wonderful selection of unique coffee tables from modern coffee tables to unique glass coffee tables – all types of different esings and styles to offer the perfect unique look for your coffee table.

These types of tables go well with several living room motifs. It can go with the classic Victorian-inspired living room as much as it can go with an Asian-inspired design living room. There are many styles of coffee tables to choose from. Some have beautifully carved decorated legs while some doesn’t have any legs. There are even some that are designed to look like crates with locks – those that look like chests from olden times. Asian-inspired living room designs usually make use of tables without legs since they can have large cushions placed around it for you to sit on.

If you go furniture shopping these days, you are bound to come across a number of coffee tables that are just so hard to resist. You can’t help but really want it for your own living room too, don’t you? Well, that’s normal; these kinds of coffee tables make such an impact on the room that you’d be crazy not to want it.

In houses with large rooms which are traditionally decorated with classic pieces of furniture, unique coffee style tables complete the look, accenting the room with its presence. You may think that only large houses can have these large tables; but actually that’s not really true. As long as you have enough space and the right furniture to complement it, then go ahead. That table will surely make an impact on your living room. Don’t you think so as well?

Square Coffee Tables Guide

If you are shopping for square coffee tables whether you are looking for coffee table with a rustic design or a more contemporary square coffee tables featuring a glass top square glass with room for storage or square lift top coffee tables our advertisers cary a great selection at vey competitive prices.

When it comes to classic and elegance, one of the most favorite picks includes square shaped coffee tables. All coffee tables do have a beauty of their own, and exude a sense of class and elegance altogether. Any room with an square coffee table is pretty.

You may find that up to this day you can find both traditional and modern designs in coffee tables sold almost everywhere. This is because it is still, up to this day, a classic favorite by many – and so table manufacturers just have to keep on making them. Designs for oval tables range from the classic, plain wooden one, to contemporary ones such as those with glass tops and various kinds of bases, up to futuristic and somewhat artistic ones made of chrome, thus, mimicking the look of liquid steel forming into a near oval-shaped coffee table.

When it comes to situating it in your living room, it is best placed in the middle, right in front of the sofas rather than at the sides. This is because coffee style tables can hold many things; which means that it can also eat a lot of space in your room. So if it’s such a space haggler why is it still so popular? That’s because small sizes are available for small houses; and it comes in styles that are appropriate for small houses like the glass topped ones. And lastly, it’s because people just can’t get enough of its class and elegance.

So the next time you are shopping for a new table to set in front of your sofa or couch and you are wondering which shape may work the best, don’t forget a square coffee table. It works well in any size and shape room an in a variety of different styles of furniture from modern to traditional.

Wood Coffee Tables

Shopping for wood coffee tables? Our advertisers carry a variety of different hardwood  coffee tables like a cherry wood coffee table with a modern design or  modern wood coffee tables manufactured from reclaimed wood to help preserve our forests . They feature all types of rustic wood coffee tables with and without storage.

There are a number of reasons why you should go for wood coffee tables. Of course, when you go furniture hunting, you are bound to find so many kinds on display that you can’t help but be confused as to which is the best one to get. Well, here are some reasons why you should go for wood.

There are three things that make up the reasons to go for these types of coffee tables: price, quality, and functionality. Basically, good wooden coffee tables with storage should be made by quality wood; and that includes oak, mahogany, and pine. However, of the three, pine is the cheapest priced. It is not cheaply priced, but it is the most economical among the three. Now when it comes to quality, these tables are great choices too. They’re strong, they’re durable, and they’re pretty – especially with Mexican, Asian, and many other designs. Of course, without any concerns on the financial aspect, the best pick would be solid pine. They are the most durable, and the best quality. However, it can be quite expensive. So if you’re on a budget, you can go for coffee tables made of other wooden materials such as fiberboard which are simply laminated with pine wood to achieve the look. And of course, its functionality; pine coffee tables come in various styles including chest styles which work well with the double purpose of being storage spaces and coffee tables at the same time. That is why going for pine-wood coffee tables is a good choice.

It is hard to beat the warmth and feeling of tradition that solid wood coffee table furniture brings to a home. If you are shopping for coffee tables, or any type of furniture, make sure you check out a couple of options from solid pine if you can afford it or a wood veneer if you are on a tighter budget.

Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

If you are shopping for coffee tables for small spaces or any type of furniture for small spaces our advertsiers can help with great new products from manufactuers like Ethan Allen to Ikea – a company well know for creating new innovative designs for small spaces from coffee tables for small bedrooms to coffee tables for small apartments.

Coffee tables are often thought of as a large table setting in the middle of the living room, the ones situated right in front of the sofa. When people say coffee tables, small coffee tables don’t come to mind. But what most people fail to realize is that these coffee tables for small spaces and rooms actually do more for the room, but in a subtle way.

Coffee tables with storage are usually used as tables to hold drinks, books and magazines, or other things that the one sitting in the sofa has to put on it. These coffee tables are usually placed at the sides of the sofa and not in front of it. Some homeowners also use these tables to accent the room placing decors on it like lampshades, vases, little crystal things, figurines, and even picture frames. So basically, these coffee style tables help bring a more personal touch – your touch – into the room. So in a subtle way, it actually helps in accenting the room.

Another function that most individuals overlook is the function of small tables as “fillers” in between the gaps between the wall and the sofa. Sofas are usually situated near corners of the room and coffee tables for small spacves makes a good “filler”. If these sofas are in the middle of the room, then having coffee tables on the sides will make it look more complete. A range of styles from traditional to modern, to cool ones are available and you can take your pick.

When decorating your home it is nice to use a variety of different pieces of furniture not only just to “fill the room” but to draw attention to a particular area of the room and to provide for additional storage space. Of course, we also need surfaces for table lamps and other types of accent lighting and coffee tables for small spaces are a perfect choice.