Best Furniture Reviews 2019: An Insider Guide to Buying Home Furniture

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The key thing to living is furniture and having a comfortable bed to sleep on, a welcoming sofa to sit on, or a sturdy table to eat at is most important for any home. This is where our furniture reviews come in.

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1. Coffee Tables – The Best Buying Guide & Reviews

coffee table

A coffee table is an investment into your lifestyle, not just your home. Besides being an excellent option for entertaining, they are also useful in small spaces as they are not only versatile but also add to the space you have on hand.

Decorators contend they actually expand the space, rather than minimize available space.

Coffee tables unify your seating area and provide enough surface space for big families and guests to rest their coffee cups and sandwich plates.

They also create an area for children to spread out with projects. The number of people that can gather around your coffee table is usually only limited by the amount of seating you have in your room.

An average size coffee table has a length between 36-48”; larger sizes start to make themselves known around the 42” mark, but it does depend on the room.

2. Best Beds 2019– Trundle beds, Daybeds and Bed frames









3. Cabinets and Storage– The Buyers Reviews for 2019

Cabinets and storage








4. Best Chairs – The Best Chairs for your Home 2019









How you can Take good care of Your Wooden Furniture

So you’ve purchased those cherry tree chairs and that amazing harvest table, now how do you ensure that they’ll last a lifetime?

The majority of people will agree that taking care of solid wood furniture is quite simple. While using right methods and cleaners you may make sure your solid wood home furniture will be a source of pride in your home and it will last for a number of generations, certainly not ever going out of style.

One of the worst environmental elements for wood furnishings is moisture, depending on where you live make sure that your wood furniture is treated correctly for any situations it will be exposed to.

If you are living in a very humid area of the country you might like to only select tropical woods that may withstand the changes in dampness.

If your wood furnishings are subjected to changes in humidity it’s going to expand and contract if the environment gets more dry. I recommend using a de-humidifier in high humidity areas to soak up all that excess moisture in the air, so it doesn’t affect your furniture.

Once you’ve determined exactly how much you need to be worried about humidity affecting your furniture, it’s pretty uncomplicated to take good care your furnishings. You must dust regularly, so absolutely nothing accumulates on the surface and you will keep it looking gorgeous.

Dust is fairly abrasive to wood, which means you have to to be very careful in how to dust. Try not to use too much water when you’re dusting as if it pools or stains it’s going to be difficult to eliminate those stains.

Use a damp towel and dust with the grain, so that there are no streaks left behind.

After you are done dusting I would recommend using a solution made especially for treating wood, I personally use flax seed oil (or linseed oil) mainly because it gives the wood a much more natural shine, though it doesn’t protect against scratches.